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Infinity RPG: Adventures in the Human Sphere

Adventures in the Human Sphere

This is a collection of ten full adventures for the Infinity RPG, taking your party all over Human Space as agents of Bureau Noir attempting to make a difference, to help in holding the fragile balance that holds humanity together. Each one takes place in a different system, so this book provides wonderful opportunities for the party to tour known space as well and get to know people, organisations and places that may feature in future adventures of your own. The adventures are, however, designed as stand-alone missions rather than as a campaign although naturally you can weave any or all of them into your own plotline, using them as side-adventures when the party is in the right location, for example.

First up, set on Acontecimento, we have Operation: Honeywasp. There's a massive celebration in progress, major by even Acontecimento's standards (and do those guys know how to party!), and the party are drafted in to help maintain order in a festival that lasts almost four weeks. It's a normally peaceful place but of course there's at least one fellow determined to cause mayhem for personal gain. As for each adventure, there's an 'official' mission briefing and a selection of faction side-tasks if you wish to muddy the water further. There's loads going on here, with several of the events having the potential to develop into full-blown missions in their own right.

And so it goes on with a dizzying array of places to go, people to meet and things to do. Tracking down a novel drug and preventing its release. Quelling riots. Seeking a distinguished fellow-agent who has gone missing. Another missing person, the offspring of an executive who has pulled strings mightily to get Bureau Noir to investigate, it's not really want they do! Getting embroiled in the war between the alien Combined Army and the forces of humanity under the Combined Command scrabbling to keep them at bay. Stopping terrorists from blowing up half of Earth. Investigating the crash of a courier ship. Defusing tensions between factions after the destruction of a research facility. Thwarting some underhand dealing in resurrection technology. These are just the highlights of a rich and turbulent mass of events awaiting the party as you run these adventures.

Each adventure is extremely well-resourced, with a plethora of things to get involved in and ample scope for virtually any of them to spin off into even more adventure, now or later. These are the stories on which the legendary Bureau Noir of tomorrow will build their reputations as you tell them together. All have been designed to combine physical, quadronic and social conflicts in the distinctive style that marks out the Infinity RPG, using all three to good effect. It's an excellent collection to dip into, fitting them around your own plots, using them to spawn more as events play out.

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Reviewed: 27 January 2018