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Infinity RPG: Quantronic Heat

Quantronic Heat

This is a mini-campaign comprising three linked scenarios, issued free with the Infinity RPG core rulebook or available separately. It embroils the party, as Bureau Noir agents, in what appears to be a rather extreme case of corpoerate espionage and competitiveness on Neoterra.

The Introduction explains who is actually behind all that's going on and why, and presents a brief synopsis of the entire mini-campaign. The core plot the perpetrators are attempting is quite believable within the concepts of the game setting - indeed, it's the sort of thing that might appeal to some in the real world were the technology available! - and the antagonists themselves are well rounded individuals that fit in with the setting.

Part 1: Conception begins when a distinguished computer scientist is kidnapped from the corporate headquarters of Thaler Quantronic Systems on Neoterra. As a defence contractor, the initial thought is that the kidnapping is the work of a rival corporation and Bureau Noir agents are tasked with finding out who is responsible. There's plenty of background to help you set the scene and more intrigue going on than you can shake a stick at - and that's before you add in faction sub-missions, should you wish to use them. There's plenty of evidence to pick up, and it is explained clearly just what is required to find it. There's plenty of action too, so those less interested in investigation will have a lot to do as well. Make sure that you are conversant with the 'infowar' rules as the antagonists will be making use of their talents in this direction. There are tips and hints aplenty to help you get everyone involved in the action. By the end of the adventure, the party ought to have at least some idea of who is responsible for the kidnapping and why, but they won't know where to find them. This will not emerge for several months, and you may wish to insert other adventures before moving on to the next one in this campaign.

Part 2: On Your Marks begins with the party being sent to an orbital around Saturn, where they are informed that certain key words associated with the previous investigation have surfaced. To investigate, they're going to have to masquerade as a team participating in a Remote underground racing circuit. There's plenty of background on this illegal but exciting sporting event; indeed it makes for a fun investigation even without the futherance of this particular plotline! In this scenario, psyops are paramount as the party needs to manipulate the other teams to gain the information that they are after. What's really going on is explained clearly (apart from one sentence that's got a bit jumbled, although it's possible to figure it out), and it all plays out through seven events which include two races. There are a lot of well-developed NPCs to keep track of, and you'll need to be familiar with them to handle all the interactions this adventure involves. Before even embarking on this mission, the party will have to develop a convicing background for a Remote racing team and the individual members of the team. A couple of sample team backgrounds are provided if they need a hand with that, and there's a list of the various roles that they'll have to fill. There's plenty of high excitement and tense moments, and the potential for combat especially if the party, once they've identified which of the other teams is indeed their target, decide to investigate their ship. By the end of this part of the campaign they should have a good understanding of who the antagonists are, what they are doing and where they are doing it... and hopefully will have tagged them with trackers!

Finally Part 3: Birth Pangs takes the action to Svalarheima, where the party has the opportunity to nip the antagonists' plot in the bud. The consequences of failure are dire, so they'd better succeed! Things are likely to get quite weird at times, but with the PanOceanic and Yu Jing factions close to open warfare over the region that the party will be conducting operations in, well shall we say that they are in for interesting times? This part provides a suitably-dramatic climax and finale to the campaign.

The campaign uses the full capabilities of the Infinity RPG system to good effect, and adds even more to an already rich setting... and should prove great fun for the whole group whichever aspect of the game appeals to them most.

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Reviewed: 26 January 2018