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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Treachery`s Reward

Treachery's Reward

Very much intended for an Oriental setting, this adventure takes the party towards a tiny quiet village whose main aim seems to be to stay out of the public eye... but they are attacked before they even get there, by a bunch of bandits!

The DM's Background describes what is behind this attack, and tells the tale of a cat whose curiousity was so great that it became a powerful and mischievous spirit. We all know cats like that!

It's not made clear why the party's going to the village in the first place, perhaps they are merely passing through. After the bandit attack, however, they may wish to go there. Here they find demoralised peasants who claim to be under the power of a demon lord. There's no inn, so if the party want to stay they can either lodge with a peasant, stay in the temple or visit a nearby castle. There is some limited interaction to be had in the village, but it seems inevitable that the party will end up going to the castle where the demon lord is said to live.

There's a map of the castle (but not one of the village or surrounding area), coupled with room descriptions and encounters therein. The place seems well-provided with traps... and with cats! There are other dangers as well.

While the adventure itself is rather basic, the party has quite an interesting moral problem to solve, based on the reason why the situation they faced arose. Their choice could lead to long-term ramifications... at least, if anyone finds out what they chose to do. It could work well near the beginning of an Oriental campaign, but has limited use if you are not running one.

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Reviewed: 6 January 2018