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Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e

Originally produced by Games Workshop in 1986, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is set in a fantasy mediaeval pseudo-Europe with a Germanic/Mittel-European feel to it, and has fascinating character creation and development rules which leave a lot to chance - much of who you are is determined by the dice rather than player choice... a bit like real life!

The game line was licenced by Hogshead Publishing in 1995 in a very successful development, reprinting old material and developing new material of their own, albeit with editorial oversight by Games Workshop to ensure continuity. In 2002 Hogshead's owner, James Wallis, sold up the business and reliquished the WFRP licence.

A Second Edition was launched in 2004 by Black Industries... who are actually the role-playing publisher subsiduary of Games Workshop! This retained most the original ruleset and concepts of the original, with some revisions and updates particularly to the magic system. However in January 2008 the company ceased to publish role-playing games, but the licence was quickly snapped up by Fantasy Flight Games, who continued the Second Edition with reprints and a couple of new products, before producing the Third Edition in 2009 - with what is probably the largest box set in role-playing! Fantasy Flight Games ceased work on the line in August 2014, declaring the game 'complete', and in September 2016 terminated their licence.

In February 2017, Cubicle 7 Entertainment announced that they had licenced the game, and intended to release a 4th Edition based on the first two editions of the game.

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