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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Harbinger

The Harbinger

Silver dragons are the embodiment of all that is good and honourable... so why is one tearing up the countryside, terrorising villages and heading straight for the peaceful and prosperous settlement of Brookvale? It doesn't look like it has come for the museum, the library or the temple, either.

The DM's Background explains all, including the identity of the silver dragon and why it's behaving in the way that it is... and why it's going to be quite tricky to deal with the dragon without causing further problems for the town.

It's suggested that for best effect, the party should already know Brookvale - as residents or frequent visitors - so that they'll be invested in a cultural centre with a fine library, a museum full of historic artefacts and a big temple, all cared for by a kindly wizard and the local high priest. The adventure proper starts when they are there and residents of an outlying village, which is under attack by a dragon, flee into town and ask for their help. They suggest that a visit to the wizard, one Calendrus, could be helpful...

Hopefully, the party will be able to defeat the dragon and will discover what is going on. Then they'll need to deal with it, which involves a visit to the swampy lair of a different dragon. Local residents and swamp insects cause problems as they try to get there, not to mention the dreadful smell emanating from the lair itself. Swamp gases and some original uses of gelatinous cubes and oozes make the lair a perilous environment, and that's before you meet the dragon who lives there.

This adventure is built on a neat concept and sustains it well throughout, although the main villain's motivation is a bit unclear - just being 'evil' I suppose. Designed to support AEG's book on Dragons, it certainly brings said creatures right into the centre of the game that bears their name.

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Reviewed: 21 November 2017