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Starfinder RPG Adventure Paths

Starfinder RPG

Following on from the very successful series of 'Adventure Paths' for the Pathfinder RPG, it's not surprising that Paizo have begun a similar series for Starfinder.

The Starfinder Adventure Path is the premiere resource for your science-fantasy roleplaying campaign! Each volume belongs to a 6-part series of interconnected adventures that comprise a fully developed campaign of sweeping scale and epic challenges. In Starfinder Adventure Paths, players will encounter alien races, crew exotic space ships, and visit fantastic planets. Each installment is forged by some of the best authors and artists in gaming. What's more, every Starfinder Adventure Path volume includes an NPC gallery, several new monsters, and detailed support articles.

1: Dead Suns 2: Against the Aeon Throne 3: Signal of Screams
4: Dawn of Flame 5: Attack of the Swarm 6: The Threefold Conspiracy
7: The Devastation Ark 8: Fly Free or Die
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Page last updated: 16 January 2021