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All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Band of Zombies

Band of Zombies

World War 2 was bad enough... then add zombies?

Publisher's blurb: "We few, we rotting few, we band of zombies;
For he today that eats his flesh with me
Shall be a zombie; be he e'er so vile...

"...a grayish blur launched from the shadows. Alexei went down quickly, his throat torn out in one swipe of a black claw. He clawed at the gaping wound in his throat, gurgled, and lay still.

"Yuri fired a shot, point-blank range, into the thing's head. It hit the ground and twitched, then lay still. A low growl came from the shadows and three more of the monsters lumbered forth. Movement to Yuri's left drew his gaze; the creature he'd shot was sitting up, black blood pouring down between its eyes. The four creatures closed in just as the booming roar of a renewed German shelling attack sounded in the distance.

"Yuri began to scream."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Jason Vey
Publishers' Reference: EDN8016
ISBN: 1-933105-06-2
Paperback, 172 pages
Date: September 2013

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Product page last updated: 2 July 2017