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3 Toadstools Product List

3 Toadstools Publishing

Labyrith Lord


  • SW001: The Caverns Of Ugard
  • SW002: The Overrun Mines
  • SW003: The Lizardmen of Illzathatch
  • SW005: The Tomb Of Gardag The Strange
  • SW008: The Mad God's Jest
  • An Invitation From The Blue Baron


  • D100 things that are in pockets
  • D100 mildly plausible background stories for Old School Characters
  • D100 Things Overheard In A Tavern
  • D100 Minor Magical Items


  • SW006: The Vagrant
  • SW007: The Myrmidon

Miscellaneous Resources

  • SW004: Old School Character Sheet
  • Old School Interviews
  • SW009: Ward's Warrens

Blueholme Prentice & Journeymann Rules

  • The Return of the Blue Baron

Company Product list last updated: 14 July 2018