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Trail of Cthulhu: The Book of Ants

The Book of Ants

If you think your Investigators - be they slithering their way through Dreamhounds of Paris, inquisitive Bookhounds or unwary individuals - have not parted with enough Sanity yet, give them a copy of this book and leave them to read it. For this is a strange collection of jottings purportedly from one present amidst 1920s-1930s Surrealists in Paris, presented in in-character formet as having been delivered in a cardboard box late one night to one Penrose who tried to impose some order and then published them.

The putatative author is one Henri Salem, who from the sound of it spent a lot of time drunk or under the influence of other substances. He rambles, casting out names some familiar and others not, sometimes touching on matters occult... a mish-mash of ideas and events and thoughts which a cunning (if perhaps deranged) Keeper could mine for atmosphere if not for plot. Certainly the descriptions of dreams and trance-experiences could provide some inspiration...

As the book goes on, there are descriptions of how Salem and his associates found their way through trance states into a strange world of dreams, some quite detailed descriptions of what they found (and did) there... and the weird way in which they can meet up with each other and hold conversations under such bizarre circumstances. Strange monsters, dreaming made real, artefacts produced at will, all paint a picture of a very peculiar place. A character from Lovecraft wanders in, rather oddly he's in the real world not the land of dreams... a book purloined from the dream world... and other things even more strange. Every time something looks familiar or appears to have meaning, it slithers away as you try to grasp at it.

Atmospheric, mood-setter... whether your players will have the patience to read through it or at least will dip in... or you may choose to use it in other ways, providing apposite exerpts, perhaps. Or using it as inspiration, places for Investigators to visit in their dreams or waking lives, events that may occur. There's plenty to conjure with here, it sums up the whole spirit, the being, of what Dreamhounds of Paris attempts to create. If you are running or intend to run that, this book is well worth a look.

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Reviewed: 4 May 2017