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Legend of the Five Rings 3e: Legend of the Burning Sands

Legend of the Burning Sands

CCG players can role-play in a familiar setting, role-players can revel in the rich heritage built up around the CCG.

Publisher's blurb: "To the north of the Empire of Rokugan, lies a mysterious land called the Burning Sands, where great empires clash, where deadly intrigues abound in the great Jewel of the Desert, and where intrigue and war are one in the same. To Rokugani, the Burning Sands are a gaijin enigma. But as the long exile of the Unicorn and the shorter exile of the Scorpion have proven, the destinies of the two are intertwined, whether the Rokugani understand this or not.

"The Legend of the Burning Sands has exerted a powerful pull on the imagination of gamers since its debut with the collectible card game in 1998. With this book, it joins the Legend of the Five Rings Role-playing Game with its unique core Roll and Keep mechanics. But, it can also be used as a stand-alone role-playing game product. "

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Jed Carlton, Shawn Carman, Dan Comrie, Douglas Sun, Lucas Twyman, and Brian Yoon
Publishers' Reference: AEG3208
ISBN: 978-159472-046-8
Hardback, 302 pages
Date: October 2008

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Product page last updated: 1 April 2017