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Trail of Cthulhu: The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

One corpse connected to you can be awkward, but a whole horde of them is downright embarassing!

Publisher's blurb: "The flamboyant artist Edward Bigsby pays a call to the Investigators on the recommendation of a mutual friend, but dies horrifically before he can tell them what he needs. Soon afterward, the police question the PCs - another corpse matching Bisgby's description has been found, with their address in his coat pocket. It does not end there; dead Bigsbys are being found all over London.

"Follow the trail of Bigsbys through the bohemian streets of crime-filled 1930s Soho, dodging Chinese triads, Dope Kings, and the Metropolitan Police force to find out once and for all who Edward Bigsby is, and why he keeps dying."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Adam Gauntlett
Publishers' Reference: PELGT42
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 27 pages
Date: May 2016

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Product page last updated: 8 April 2017