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Coriolis RPG: Atlas Compendium

Atlas Compendium

A wealth of places to explore...

Publisher's blurb: "The Icons' promised land, the vast cluster of star systems called the Third Horizon, is full of unsolved mysteries, ancient ruins, and deadly secrets. The mighty wonders left behind by the Portal Builders and the true nature of the mysterious Emissaries have only been myth to the common people of the Third Horizon - until now.

"Some of the contents of this booklet:

  • Description of the most important systems of the Third Horizon
  • A historical overview of the Third Horizon
  • The story of the Portal Builders and descriptions of the wonders they left behind
  • Tools and tables to help you create your own systems and planets
  • Mission generators for quick adventure creation
  • Expanded rules for space travel and unexpected encounters"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Martin Dunelind, Nils Karlén, Kosta Kostulas, and Adam Palmquist
Publishers' Reference: MUH050560
ISBN: 978-1-910132-73-9
Paperback, 62 pages
Date: February 2017

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Product page last updated: 6 March 2017