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7th Sea: Villanova`s Rose

Villanova's Rose

Villanova's Rose was first published in Issue #3 of the short-lived Novus Ordum Mundi magazine then revised and released as a free download from the Alderac Entertainment Group website. Hopefully it will become available again soon...

In it, the party is hired by a minor Vodacce noble to act as bodyguards for a Vodacce Special Enforcer named Angelina who has been tasked with tracking down and capturing a pirate. Seems straightforward enough, doesn't it... but of course it isn't quite as easy as that! Indeed nothing is quite what it seems, yet it starts out pretty much as you might expect.

Danger lurks at every corner with ambushes to contend with, a voyage under a tyrannical captain who believes everyone should work and flogs those who refuse, with gambling, drinking and duels to pass the time until the target is sighted and a boarding action takes place. Time for an epic brawl with all the cinematic exploits to be expected in a boarding action and it is not until that is over that things really start to spiral out of control...

This is classic 7th Sea swashbuckling action, providing an exciting evening's entertainment.

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Reviewed: 21 January 2017