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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Heavenring Village Temple and School

Heavenring Village: Temple and School

Lucky Heavenring Village (or wherever you choose to site this), they have a temple with resident priest who teaches school for the local youngsters as well. This mapset comprises two buildings: the actual temple and a combined priest's house and school. Both come with excellent detail that make it easy to find uses for them in your game.

The temple is a large airy building with plenty of space for worshippers in a conventional layout with rows of seats facing a raised altar area. Mostly circular, this is stated to be a dome with an overhead skylight to illuminate the worship area. There's a small vestry for the priest, whilst to one side in the worship area there is an organ and on the other side some shrines. The deity is left unspecified, so you can pick one from your campaign world who appreciates this style of worship.

The other building is nearly as large, with the biggest room given over to a conventionally-laid out classroom with rows of desks facing the teacher's table which is on a semi-circular dais. There is an entryway/waiting room and a bedroom for a servant or assistant as well in the school part of the building which is separate from the priest's quarters in the rest of it. The premises also boast a fenced garden which the pupils can use during recess.

The priest's residence looks comfortable, wrapped around the schoolhouse with several doors to the exterior. It consists of a foyer, library, shrine, dining room, bedroom and bathroom (complete with tub and water closet). The dining room boasts a conversation group round the fireplace and a desk as well as the dining table... but where the poor priest prepares and cooks his food is anyone's guess, there are no kitchen facilities!

The usual technical wizardry displayed by 0one Games makes the PDF easy to use and somewhat customisable - you can choose a square grid, hex grid or no grid at all, and display furniature and doors or not as you please - making this a useful addition to your collection if you need a place of worship or a schoolhouse.

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Reviewed: 2 January 2016