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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Heavenring Village Black Gryphon Inn

Heavenring Village: Black Gryphon Inn

Given the natural affinity of adventuring parties for inns (and the tendency for brawls to break out necessitating a change of hostelry!), you can never have too many inn floorplans in your collection. This one is a straightforward village inn, designed as part of the Heavenring Village set), with ample stabling and several nice rooms for those who wish to stay the night as well as a large common room/bar, kitchens and even indoor toilets! Accommodation ranges from multiple occupancy, with stragicially-placed cupboards to give a modicum of privacy, to a spacious suite with its own bathroom. The owner's apartment also features. Detail is excellent, down to an array of bottles on the backbar and a keyboard instrument for budding bards in the corner of the bar which also boasts tables set up for dining and gambling.

The usual technological abilities of 0one Games shine through with their 'Rule the Dungeon' system that allows you to decide precisely what is printed on your floortiles - choice of hex grid, square grid or none at all, presence/absence of doors and furniture and so on.

In a nice design feature, all the residential rooms open to the outside - those in a hurry or wishing to avoid attention do not need to resort to climbing out of windows if they do not care to go through the common room. Indeed it looks a pleasant place to stay... and menu suggestions include giant black potatoes stuffed with cheese and onions, slices of salmon grilled with spices, and the renowned Heavenring caviar with toasted bread and fresh butter. The caviar is harvested from local salmon caught in the river that surrounds the village. Sounds like a nice place for a pub lunch!

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Reviewed: 31 December 2016