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Mage The Awakening: The Abedju Cipher

The Abedju Cipher

Do you know whom you can trust? And are you yourself trustworthy? This adventure, which can be run as a stand-alone or woven into an ongoing chronicle, lets you explore the whole concept of trust - and what happens when it is misplaced. It could serve as the initial adventure for a new cabal but can be scaled up relatively easily to challenge more experienced will-workers.

The plot itself is quite straightforward. A powerful artefact, the Abedju Cipher, is part of a travelling exhibition due to visit a local museum and there are those who'd like to, ah, acquire it for themselves. The cabal will get caught up in the shenanigans and will have plenty of opportunity to influence the course of events... once they have decided who, if anyone, they can trust. To support this plot you get an outline of events, some well-detailed NPCs (who, if you are running this as part of an ongoing chronicle, may well prove useful contacts or determined opponents in the future), and even a rather sketchy map of the museum. You may wish to substitute a better floorplan from a real museum, most hand them out as visitor guides or even have them on their websites - particularly useful if you have set your game in a real-world town.

Whilst there's considerable background on the Abedju Cipher, what it actually is and does is left open, although one suggestion is presented - one which I'm not sure would arouse quite as much interest in magical circles as the Cipher has in this scenario, however! Be that as it may, various factions are after it, and the plot revolves around their attempts and the cabal's reactions: will they aid one of the factions or even try to purloin the artefact for themselves? And given that at least one faction has decided to stage a heist, what will the cabal do when caught up in the middle of it... and will they be able to explain their actions to mundane law enforcement afterwards?

Good use of the Storytelling Adventure System is made to ensure that the copious details provided are well-ordered and can be accessed just when you need them. Eight fully-developed scenes are provided, with just two or three being core to the plot. The rest may be used, modified or left out entirely as suits your needs. These scenes are summarised on cards you can print out and have in hand when you run the adventure. Main NPCs come along with loads of background and role-playing notes to help them to come alive, and complete character sheets for when you need to get the dice out.

Overall, it's a cracking yarn and should provide an enjoyable session or two of play. Simple on the face of it, yet the scope for development and ramifications to spill over into the rest of your chronicle are tremendous.

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Reviewed: 4 October 2016