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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Black Magic

Black Magic

Linking neatly in to the previous two adventures that 0one Games has produced for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, this one is also set in the former County of Boskerry, once a pleasant place but now fallen into wild and dangerous shape due to the last Count having been afflicted by vampirism. Naturally, it's fairly simple to run the adventure in a suitable swamp in a frontier area of your own game world if you prefer.

Almost as long as there's been a swamp, there have been rumours of a 'swamp witch' living there - some say she might provide useful information to those who do her bidding, but most of the rumours cast her in darker light, abducting children and other such mischief. The introduction and adventure summary lay out what is really going on (and who this swamp witch is) for the DM.

Several hooks are provided to get the party involved, and once they are there's a nice swamp to travel through to get to where the swamp witch is said to live. It's pretty foggy, and witches are not the only critters living there. When they reach the hut, there's a clear map and copious notes about what is to be found there. The map does show secret doors and other things not immediately obvious, so you'll have to come up with something of your own if your players like maps to look at.

Whilst on the face of it, this is a fairly straightforward 'deal with the wicked witch' adventure, it has sufficient twists and turns to keep even jaded adventurers interested - and challenged. There's also a useful little note on how to handle lower-level characters who decide to go to the 'wrong' place and end up here before they are ready to cope with the witch as detailed here, a nice touch especially if you like to treat your game world as an entire place your party may roam over as they please.

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Reviewed: 10 September 2016