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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Dungeon of Terror #7: Mad Mage Chambers South

Dungeon of Terror #7: Mad Mage Chambers South

One of the more strange areas of this massive underground complex that is the Dungeon of Terror, the south area of the Mad Mage's chambers appears to have been a bit of a playground. The Mad Mage, Infidus the Black, set up his quarters here after either driving out the dwarves who originally lived here or fiding the place empty after they'd left. Nobody's quite sure, just as nobody knows what happened to Infidus although it's believed an assassin was sent after him... and in his turn, also perished. Much of what Infidus built remains, and some has been tampered with by later visitors.

According to the notes here, something of the sort happened in this section, with a drow princess, a necromancer and a witch squabbled over these chambers before reaching a kind of truce. There are brief - indeed tantalising - notes about the fifteen rooms presented here - the Perpetual Explosion Hall is particularly intriguing - but you will have to work out what's going on and design the traps that are alluded to in the text.

The usual technical mastery of 0one Games over PDF creation is made manifest via the Rule The Dungeon button, that allows for choice of grid (hex, square or none) and whether or not you want furniture, doors, etc. to appear. Each room appears as miniature-ready tiles as well as in an overview that shows how these chambers relate to the whole complex.

OK, so there's a fair bit of preparation before you can use this area, but whether you are running the entire Dungeon of Horror or want to extract these rooms for your own lair, there are some intriguing ideas to conjure with as you decide what's actually going on there.

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Reviewed: 3 September 2016