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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli

Set in the wilderness north of an outlying domain of a kingdom (or independent region) somewhere in your campaign world, on the face of it this is a straightforward 'clear the dungeon and kill the dragon' mission... or is it?

The backstory explains the history of the situation - that a white dragon stole the symbol of rulership from the Baron of Icendale (killing the Baron in the process) and that without it nobody, however good their claim, can take over. Moreover there's a prophecy that outsiders, not Icenvale citizens, must fetch it back, a local who tries will die in the attempt. It also covers a lot more stuff that contributes directly to the advenure, including how the dragon arrived in the first place and the current state of affairs. There's also an adventure synopsis that covers the perils the party must face on the way to deal with the dragon.

Several hooks are provided to get the party to Icenvale, at least, if not actually on the trail of the dragon, while introductory events once there are designed to catch their attention and hopefully enlist their aid in dealing with it. Details of the main township, Frosthaven, and leading inhabitants are provided, although if you want a map you will have to come up with your own. Things get quite devious depending on whom the characters talk to, but eventually they ought to be on their way to the mountains north of town, where the dragon dwells.

There are many dangers en route, for a start a blizzard is raging. The area's not completely uninhabited either and there's some wildlife to fight off as well. Finally the party should reach a castle called Karrack, an outpost which is where the last Baron met his end in the dragon's jaws. The dragon apparently lives in some nearby caves, but Karrack needs exploring and clearing as well. Both castle and caves are mapped and described well, and all relevant monster details are provided.

This adventure is lifted above a mere delve/dragon bash by the political overtones in Icenvale, and this is handled neatly throughout the adventure, particularly in the opening scenes and the conclusion, where a range of consequences based on the party's level of success and their choices are provided. There are some interesting suggestions for follow-up adventures too. The 'adventurous' parts of the adventure are challenging too, both the trek to Karrack through the blizzard and the ensuing combats should provide plenty of entertainment - it's a well-rounded adventure that should leave successful parties feeling satisfied with their exploits.

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Reviewed: 8 July 2016