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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

This adventure is set in Elton, an isolated hamlet that can easily be placed in a remote, hilly area of your campaign world. A few weeks ago, a strange light appeared in the night sky over Elton and the hooks provided to get the party involved touch on this - perhaps someone wants it investigating, perhaps the party paladin (if you have one) is dreaming dreams about an innocent child in danger, or maybe someone has heard rumours about a strange young man suddenly appearing...

There's a comprehensive adventure background to explain just what's going on, and then we launch into the adventure itself, beginning with the party's arrival at Elton - which has apparently just suffered a raid! They'll soon be able to find out about the raiders and what they took, and hopefully will be willing to pitch in and see about righting some wrongs.

Information gathered, the rest of the adventure revolves around an assault on the raiders' lair. You will have to decide where it is and get the party there, but a plan of the subterranean lair itself is provided. There's a delightfully complex and detailed Bad Guy and his horde to defeat, along with evidence of dark experimentation... the party will be in for a fight, these guys have no intention of stopping for a chat. Oh, and there's a rather sweet young fellow to rescue and the party may find out who, or rather what, he is as well.

It's a neat little adventure, with possibilities for follow-up adventures, and just the sort of thing a relatively low-level party of adventures ought to relish!

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