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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

In a tale straight out of 'cod-archaelogy' adventure, two groups converge on a ruined drow city in search of a fabled drider artefact...

The background for the DM provides a detailed backstory explaining what the artefact is, who created it and why, and who's after it now. The tale culminates in the party's arrival in a settlement called Gryth, the nearest place to the ruins and the jumping-off point for at least one of the groups hunting the artefact. (Gryth also features in the adventure Desert Sands in this series.) There's a prophecy - as obscure as most such things are - which is provided as a hand-out for curious players, and comprehensive details of the three groups with which the party will have to contend: both groups who are after the artefact as well as those living in the ruined drow city that is the scene of the action.

A few hooks are provided to get the party involved in what's going on. Hopefully they'll be enough to pique some curiousity, and there's plenty of information to be gathered by parties who choose to ask around a bit. There's even an answer should anyone wish to cast Divination!

There's a map and detailed notes on the underground crypts to be investigated. The map is a modified version of the Precious Ore map from the Map-a-Week feature on the Wizards of the Coast website (the link to the original still works at the time of writing, whilst the modified version is provided within the PDF).

The adventure itself is a magnificent delve into a classic Underdark setting, perfect for groups who enjoy encounters with Drow and their fellow denizens, not to mention the other groups also after the artefact. Several different outcomes are provided, choose the one you like best, and there are also suggestions for further adventures. The artefact itself may have something to say on the matter too! An underground expedition to be feared, enjoyed and remembered. It also demonstrates excellent use of prophecy to drive an adventure, something that's quite hard to do and takes careful planning.

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Reviewed: 21 May 2016