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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Tiger`s Palace

Tiger's Palace

This adventure is best used either as a regular episode in an ongoing general adventuring game or as the climactic moment in a plotline that pits the party against Bhishana Bhaga - in which case, read this and understand her long before the party reaches the suggested level for this adventure (9th-10th) and weave her into earlier adventures of your own devising.

If this is the party's first encounter with Bhishana Bhaga, several hooks are provided to catch their attention - one delightful one has the party invited to 'have a go' by Bhaga herself, a sort of penetration testing. Notes are also provided about where to put the adventure in your campaign world - somewhere mountainous where gnomes mine if used 'as is', or you can vary it somewhat as to anywhere there is a mine with people (irrespective of race) mining it. She's likely to charm even evil miners, however.

The adventure itself is a straightforward delve. The mine itself is based on a modified version of the Old Mines map from the February 2002 Map-a-Week selection on the Wizards of the Coast website. At the time of writing, the link in the PDF still works if you want to see the original, but the modified version is printed here.

The notes on encounters in the mine are comprehensive, with a couple of good fights and some devious traps to overcome. There is also loads of information on what Bhaga will do, how she prepares herself and her likely responses to party actions. Negotiations are unlikely, come ready for a fight. Notes on wrapping up the adventure finish this module off, with the reminder that if they are successful the party's reputation is going to be increased substantially - something that will attract not only job offers but the attention of evil creatures as well!

A nicely put together if straightforward delve, with everything where it is for a reason.

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Reviewed: 20 May 2016