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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: An Icy Heart

An Icy Heart

Do you pay any attention to prophecy? One says there's a white dragon poised to attack, another says nothing but an icy grave awaits those who visit its lair...

Said lair is located in a high mountain range, the sort where the snow and ice never really goes away. Locals call it Krikk’s Range, to the rest of the world it's the Cloudtouch Mountains (or, of course, any suitable mountain range in your own campaign world). The map for the lair itself first appeared as part of the October 2001 offering in the Map-of-the-Week series on the Wizards of the Coast website (as of the day of writing, it's still there if you use the link in the PDF, but the bits you'll need are also included in the PDF in case they've gone by the time you look for it).

Now, Krikk the white dragon is a remarkable beast, she limits the area over which she holds sway and although she takes tribute in return for not eating the locals she doesn't ask for more than they can afford and has even been known to help protect them from barbarian raiders. Local lordlings have been unsuccessful in ousting her: heroes never return and mercenaries are bought off. Still, a nearby king alarmed by the prophecies he's heard, is now looking for adventurers... and that's just one of the hooks provided to get the party up there. There's also some information for parties inclined to gather it (or to access bardic knowledge, if a bard is around).

Although a map is supplied, only one chamber in the lair is described in any detail. Krikk is presented in great detail, not just a stat block but loads of information about what she'll do... and an impressive amount of material to assist you if the party is willing to enter into negotiation with her. There are also notes on her current projects and plans, her assistant and more, including a new magic item and a new spell.

It's a nice straightforward adventure for high-level characters, with the considerable support for those characters who want to try talking to Krikk a bonus. If it does come to a fight, though, there's ample material on how she will give battle too!

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Reviewed: 14 May 2016