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Qin: The Warring States GM Screen

Qin: The Warring States GM Screen

This is possibly one of if not the most solid high-quality Game Master screen I possess. It's solid enough to keep out hordes of angry players, should you upset them... and certainly durable enough to survive years of play.

The player-facing side has a wonderfully-atmospheric painting of a mountainous scene with an exotic yet natural stone arch rising out of the vegetation. It's not done in a classical Chinese style, but it does conjure up the atmosphere well. In the foreground two heroes do battle, one leaping through the air with a polearm, the other awaiting him with a sword.

On the Game Master's side, the screen is jam-packed with game mechanical information: success thresholds and difficulties, actions, examples of continuous tests, opposition test results, shields, armour, ranged combat weapons, combat adjustments, damage calculations, melee weapons, first aid, long-term injuries, equipment and service costs, speed adjustments, transport and distance calculations, and weights and measures. It helps you keep play flowing without having to pause to look stuff up - it even tells you the average cost of being entertained by a lady of negotiable affection, should a character feeel the need...

An extremely useful screen no Qin GM should be without - even one like me who runs more games online than at a tabletop!

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Reviewed: 20 April 2016