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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Base of Operations

Base of Operations

Set near a 'frontier' town, this adventure is perfect if you have a low level party (say around 5th-level) who have begun muttering that maybe they ought to establish a home base for themselves. You see, said local town knows of a keep nearby that they are willing to give to a party if only they'd just clear out the unsavoury folks who are squatting there!

There's a fair bit of background, some of which the party might be able to find out in advance... and one item they won't discover until long afterwards but which ought to put a smile on their faces! The adventure itself falls into three phases: the township, the road to the keep and the keep itself.

A few hooks are supplied to get the party involved, and there are some basic details about the town. You might want to flesh this out a bit if the party does decide to settle in the neighbourhood. The road is dealt with briefly, but if you want to throw in any enounters along the way you will need to come up with them for yourself.

Finally the keep itself, which is built part-way up a cliff into which a mine has been dug. There's a basic plan of the place and descriptions, along with notes about who is where and what they'll do when their home is invaded by the party. It's likely that most of the inhabitants will want to fight (and, for that matter, that the sight of them will make the party want to fight too), but they are quite an interesting and varied bunch and the fights should prove entertaining. In the event of party success, a couple of follow-on options are provided.

It makes for an interesting if straightforward adventure, with the possibility of providing the party with a new home. What's not to like?

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Reviewed: 13 April 2016