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Pathfinder RPG: Drow of the Darklands Pyramid

Drow of the Darklands Pyramid

Osirion is filled with countless ruins, pyramids, tombs, and other strange structures dating back thousands of years... and unsurprisingly is a favoured haunt of the Pathfinder Society, with its love of artefacts. A particularly fruitful dig was undertaken recently at the Tilted Pyramid - only robbers purloined the finds as they were being transported back to the Grand Lodge in Absalom for study. That's enough for the Society to dispatch a bunch of troubleshooters like the party, but just as they are tasked with this mission, news comes in that suggests there is another subterranean pyramid linked magically with the Tilted Pyramid.

After the scene is set for the GM with a short backstory and adventure summary, the scenario begins with the party standing outside a cave near the Tilted Pyramid to which the robbers have been tracked, their briefing ringing in their ears. From there on in, a spot of spelunking leads the party through some spectacular caverns, with a bridge spanning a chasm and other quite cinematic sights. Needless to say they are not alone...

There's plenty to explore and discover - and fight - and the original owner of the pyramids was not above the odd magical trap to defend his property. This should provide the potential for an exciting delve with distinct echoes of Indiana Jones style exploring, although there are scant opportunities for role-playing... and yet somehow it falls short of that potential and without additional input from the GM (really only possible if you're using this in your own campaign rather than in convention play) it can be a bit dull.

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Reviewed: 20 March 2016