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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Our Lady of Silver

Our Lady of Silver

An invitation to a wedding - in the Qadira capital of Kadeer, no less - should be a welcome respite from the usual rigors of Pathfinder service, should it not? The party's latest summons, to the Pathfinder Lodge in Kadeer, finds them issued invitations to a high society wedding between a local merchant prince's daughter - the Lady of Silver as she is known - to an up-and-coming Pathfinder, and they are to represent the Society and take receipt of some antiquties the merchant has promised to gift to the Pathfinders during the wedding feast.

For once, there is no convoluted backstory for the DM, just a simple description of the situation and a plot summary that shows how such an inviting proposition as being a wedding guest can go so horribly wrong. How the party comes to be in Kadeer in the first place is not explained: as a convention scenario just take it that they're there, if you are running a more coherent campaign you'll have to get them there from wherever they were last.

Once they have been given their instructions and had a chance to undertake any errands or whatever they want to do before the wedding the next day, the adventure moves on to the wedding itself in the temple of Sarenrae, and afterwards to the feast in the bride's parental estate. It's a splendid affair... until all hell - or at least several lions and an elephant - breaks loose.

From then on in, it's a mix of investigation and combat as the party attempts to retrieve the artefacts which of course got stolen during the chaos, unravel the plot behind it all... oh, and stave off stray rumours that the Pathfinder Society was behind it all that end up with them facing the justice of the Satrap himself!

It's an exciting ride all right, even if rather railroaded at times. The setting is exotic, the dangers real and thrilling and those who come out on top will have earned the renown that they gain.

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Reviewed: 9 March 2016