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Pathfinder RPG: Dark Sails and Dark Words

Plight of the Tuatha 3: Dark Sails and Dark Words

Much more than an adventure, this book also introduces the city of Chandegar and the influence of the Avitian Empire, so is of particular note if you like the setting of the world of Aeliode and use it for your own adventures as well as this adventure path.

Chandegar is an ancient city, but now finds itself a vassal of the Avitian Empire... and not everybody is happy about the way things are going. Worship of the local pagan patheon is forbidden, education and trade are coming under ever-increasing regulation and it looks like the whole way of life of local citizens is being changed, probably not for the better. So there are mutterings of rebellion under the surface, even if the Chandegar ruling family appears to be smiling and aquiescing to Imperial rule; and there's plenty else going on as well, as explained in the introduction.

So, to the adventure itself. The characters end up here as the final moves in the task they were set by Philiandrius in the previous episode, they were told to deliver their spoils from that adventure to one Chondus at the Gilded Peacock Inn. Even that isn't as simple as it sounds, and when they manage it they are then directed to seek out a wizard by the name of Iaret... and this will take them on a wild chase throught the town and beyond, far beyond (indeed, planar travel is involved!). In case that isn't enough, the proceedings open with several possible side-adventures to run even before they reach Chandegar, you can use any or all of them to good effect.

Throughout, you are provided with a wealth of resources to help you run each encounter or incident - stat blocks, notes on individuals, ideas for how that encounter could play out and various options based on what the party decides to do - and even more supporting material is provided on the Mór Games website (hyperlinked if you are reading the PDF online, else you'll have to type in the addresses provided to access the material). There's a good, detailed map of the city spread over two pages - I'd recommend you print out at least those two pages to get the best effect if you are using the PDF - although I think it's mainly for the GM. Fortunately only cryptic reference numbers are used, so whilst the players might realise that something may happen at that location, only you know what it is until they find out the hard way!

As in previous installments, ominous orange boxes labelled 'Up the Ante' provide ready reference on how to make things more difficult, should the party be doing well, be larger than the four for which the adventure is intended... or if you are feeling particularly malevolent! There are also yellow boxes labelled 'Advice' that provide hints and tips for the running of the adventure: take heed, they are useful suggestions. Background and historical notes are in green boxes, so everything gets a bit colourful - but it's also easy to find what you are looking for... although, as always, thorough preparating pays its rewards.

This adventure provides a heady mix of busy urban life, scholarly pursuits and high adventure... with heroics at sea and a fair lady needing rescuing to boot! There is something for everyone here, and a fine city setting for future adventure of your own as well. Proceedings end (however the party fared) with the lead-in to the next stage of the adventure with a prophetic dream... I cannot wait to find out what happens next!

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Reviewed: 29 February 2016