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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: The Prince of Augustana

The Prince of Augustana

This adventure begins with the party summoned to the Pathfinder Lodge in Augustana, the second largest city in Andoran, where they are told an extraordinary tale and are asked to investigate it. The introduction explains to the DM what is really going on, but the party will have to find out the hard way, of course!

The tale is extraordinary indeed, involving one Gandros, the long-lost Prince of Augustana, who has been gathering an army on the far side of a portal to the otherworld to restore him to his father's position of Emperor of Andoran, but ran into difficulties, so fled back through the magic portal to this realm to escape assassins... For those not up on local history, Andoran never had an Emperor, nor has there been a 'Prince of Augustana', but he does seem to know a lot about the pre-revolution noble families of the city. He also smells and looks like he's been living in a sewer for some time. No prizes for guessing where the party's investigations will lead them...

The party gets the opportunity to speak with the Prince, and to conduct inquiries in town following up what leads the local Pathfinders can supply, before descending into the depths of the Augustana sewer system. There they'll have to contend with assorted folk who have taken refuge there, critters and disease - and will no doubt discover that it is hard to wave a sword or cast a spell whilst holding ones nose! There are atmospheric descriptions and a reasonably clear map to help you navigate their way around. There's a surprising lot going on down there and ample chance for the party to get involved. The Faction missions seem a little contrived (a common flaw) but provide some opportunity for role-playing fun as Faction members attempt to fulfil them in plain sight of the rest of the party without being noticed.

Sending a party splashing through sewers can always be fun especially when you keep reminding them just how unpleasant their surroundings are! Whilst the adventure is a bit linear, there's enough going on to keep the party occupied with a better mix of interaction and brawling than some Pathfinder Society adventures manage, so take a deep breath, hold your nose and come on in!

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Reviewed: 29 January 2016