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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Eye of the Crocodile King

Eye of the Crocodile King

A tale of magical experiments gone awry, semi-sentient crocodiles living in the sewers and journeyman mages in over their heads... and to whom does one turn but the Pathfinder Society of course to sort everything out. And they turn to the party and send them down the sewers to deal with the problem.

The adventure starts with the party being sent to the Arcanamirium in Absalom, the great school of magic, to speak to the hapless journeyman wizard whose transmutation experiement it is which has escaped, apparently either with the aid of or due to the carelessness of, the rather stupid animal handler who took care of his experimental animals. All he knows is that there was a loud explosion and when he regained consciousness there was a hole in the floor of the laboratory and his crocodilian experimental creature was gone. That was a week ago, he's taken this long to screw up enough courage to ask for help.

The party will have to scramble down the hole - which leads to the sewers - and brave the dangers, natural and otherwise, in the hunt for the escaped experiment. This involves a fairly linear trek, dealing with hazards as they go. Basic maps are provided, of particular use (if you scale them up a bit) for those who like to use miniatures in combat. The climax is a brawl with the escaped experiment.

It's a combat-oriented adventure, the denizens of the sewer are inclined to attack first and talk, if at all, only after they have been defeated, and the Big Bad at the end is no exception. The Faction missions lead to furtive attempts to fulfil them without letting anyone else see what's happening, but do not add much to the adventure.

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Reviewed: 17 January 2016