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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: Mists of Mwangi

Mists of Mwangi

Ever wondered where all those artefacts the Pathfinder Society collects end up? There's a spot of bother in one museum that's run by a former Pathfinder (who has turned against the Society and won't let them have access!) and the party is sent to deal with it... in scenes redolant of Night At The Museum, with assorted exhibits doing anything but sit quietly in their display cases!

To start with, the party might wish to do some research. The trouble began after another Pathfinder returned from the demon-infested jungles of Mwangi and presented the museum with a bagfull of idols he'd brought back. Knowing a bit about Mwangi, the Pathfinder, and the museum itself might be of benefit, and the DM is well-resourced with information to hand out to those characters who think to investigate before venturing into the mist-filled chaos that the museum has become.

The adventure itself sees the party exploring the museum as they please - there's a floor plan and room descriptions to aid the DM, with plenty of threats to hurl at the unwary - and hopefully discovering the root cause of the mayhem and laying it to rest. If they do, all becomes calm and the curator is recociled with the Pathfinder Society again, now ready to collaborate in scholarly research instead of competing with them for choice artefacts. If they don't... well, that's left to your imagination. The consequences for failure are not laid out, although failed characters are likely dead and beyond caring.

Overall it is a good hands-on adventure, a bit combat-heavy perhaps but with scope for those interested in lore to actually put it to some use in figuring things out. It ought to prove both exciting and entertaining... a most unusual visit to one of Absalom's museums. Or, of course, one situated in a suitable location on your own campaign world. Some of the background about the museum and the family that founded it, whilst of no more than passing interest as far as this adventure is concerned, could give rise to many adventures or even a whole campaign if you enjoy artefact collecting, information networks and a sprawling dynasty that seems to have people everywhere...

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Reviewed: 3 January 2016