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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

A fellow Pathfinder is in trouble, stricken by a freezing curse that threatens to cause him to waste away in his bed rather than die in battle, as his northern heritage would view as more honourable. Unravelling the curse (and saving his life) presents some interesting moral questions - at least, it does to me although they are not addressed in the adventure, where the only ethical issue raised is whether the party should seek a reward or undertake the task as a courtesy to a fellow Pathfinder.

The first challenge is getting to talk to the dying man. Alert characters may notice something wrong about the guards at his villa, suffice to say they'll have to fight their way in. Once they've spoken to him and got his end of the story, there's quite a bit of investigative work to be done before those responsible can be tracked down - and all this is taking place in the urban environment of Absalom itself, so care needs to be taken about how the party conducts itself, at least in public. The Watch do not take kindly to armed assualts and brawling in the street!

The artefact that's causing all the problems is well-described but it's not made particularly clear just how the party is supposed to discover all the information they need to use it to their advantage to resolve the situation. Similarly, although the backstory - which provides for the ethical dilemma I alluded to - is described clearly for the DM, it's likely only vague snippets will come out during play. These limited opportunities to actually find out what is going on rather detract from what otherwise is a good adventure with plenty going on - and sifting through a moral minefield always adds to role-play. The ethical issue in this case is who was doing right and who wrong, but this is not explored.

Excitement, cold, a spot of exotic magic, a complex tale that probably will not be unravelled, combat and investigation make this a tale worth the telling, an adventure worth the playing, nevertheless.

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Reviewed: 2 January 2016