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2300 AD: Ground Vehicle Guide

Ground Vehicle Guide

Subtitled 'Vehicles for Unearthly Terrain' this is a collection of ground vehicles that are to be found throughout the 2300 AD galaxy - well, the human-colonised bits anyway (plus a few Kafer ones for good measure). It's a bit heavy on military vehicles, although you might either want a combat vehicle or hold that they are suitably rugged to cope with frontier environments. There are dedicated exploration vehicles, though, if you prefer to remain civilian.

Each vehicle comes with a line-art sketch, game mechanical details and some background text. These include details of how easy it is to get hold of, the equipment and other facilities that it has; and also looks at modifications that are commonly found. Naturally it's up to the party to suggest other modifications that they would like to make (generally things like adding weapons!) and for the referee to rule on cost and if it's even possible.

Vehicles range from a specialised exploration vehicle to hovercraft, trucks, snow-skimmers, luxury limos... just about anything you can imagine. Many can cope with off-roading in rough terrain but some do need a road so will be limited to the better-developed parts of whichever planet the party is on. There are even trains - with options for conventional railroad ones, maglevs and airfilm suspension. It's unlikely that these will be personal vehicles, but characters might well need to take a ride to get wherever they are going on one.

For the miliary-minded, there are tanks and other military vehicles, including some drones (if operated from a vehicle). These often have variants depending on the intended use, and information about weapons systems is included should you end up having to fight! Interestingly, military vehicles from several nations - chiefly Germany, America and France - are included. Personally, there are rather too many of what appear superficially similar combat vehicles, but if your campaign involves a lot of fighting you might find the variety of use. Finally, there are some Kafer military vehicles. Mostly these will form the opposition, but perhaps the party might get the chance to capture or steal one.

The vehicle listings are followed by notes on various 'vehicle accessories' that you or the party may wish to add. There are also a few colour illustrations including some uniform patches and vehicle markings, as well as a few cut-away drawings of some of the military vehicles mentioned earlier.

There's a good selection here, particular if it is a military vehicle that you are after. They manage to have a slight air of future-tech whilst being rooted in reality. Apparently driverless car technology has not taken off by 2300 AD! Although some vehicles can be sealed, and there's mention of a Pentapod air filter, little mention has been made of adaptations needed for use on airless worlds or ones where the atmosphere is unbreatheable for whatever reason (too thin, wrong composition...).

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Reviewed: 20 November 2015