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2Die10 Games

2Die10 Games

Complete Product List

Emerging in September 2014 with a steampunk RPG called Excelsior, this is the imprint of B. Wraven Wright. A long time contributor to over 100 OGL D20 adventures and supplements for publishers large and small and he has also acted as a Slot 0 (beta tester) on over three dozen adventures for Living Forgotten Realms, the organized game play platform that was sanctioned by Wizards Of The Coast for Dungeons and Dragons 4e. He has also produced some Dungeon World resources through this imprint and written Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventures through the DM's Guild.

  • Excelsior
  • Dungeon World resources

No website found, but they tweet @2Die10Games.

Company Section last updated: 20 May 2017