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Dungeons & Dragons: Skirmish Tiles - Dungeon Rooms Set 1

Skirmish Tiles: Dungeon Rooms Set 1

Produced to the same high standard we've come to expect from 0one Games, this set of floorplans is specifically designed for miniature skirmish games rather than role-playing with miniatures and combat. Suitable for the D&D Miniatures game, you can of course use any fantasy skirmish system you please.

Some of the rooms depicted have been adapted from earlier 0one publications, while some are new designs. All, however, are done in lush detail; and are presented in both full colour and greyscale to suit your printing requirements. The difference between these and the earlier floorplans is that much of the perspective effect has been left out - although the internal detail has not been neglected in, for example, the Wizard's Study, the Library or the Forge. Many of the rooms have already seen some battering, with debris - and skeletons - around.

A nice touch is three 'sample layouts' provided at the end, showing you how you could arrange the tiles to form complete dungeons/complexes for your intrepid heroes to fight over.

If you are a miniatures gamer, these are highly recommended... the versitility and ability to create vast complexes by judicious choice of tiles (which of course you can print as many times as you like) will give you plenty of scope. Role-players too can use them as an excellent visual depiction of the horrors in store for the adventurers, laying them out on the table before the players' eyes!

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