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Mongoose Traveller: Compendium 1

Compendium 1

This is the first compilation of articles relating to Traveller from Mongoose Publishing's e-zine Signs and Portents. Even though it was issued free, it could be a bit of a hunt to find the article that you wanted and since it ceased publication in 2011, it's getting harder to find at all! So this and the subsequent two volumes are the best way to get hold of some of the best Traveller related artilces that graced its pages: a wealth of adventure ideas, new careers, novel bits of kit and more.

It starts off, however, with a muse from Gareth Hanrahan, lead author of Mongoose Traveller, that looks at the very nature of the game, before continuing with the first scenario, also from his pen. It's a multi-stranded adventure involving a disaster on a mining moon with plenty of opportunities for the party to get involved. Other adventures follow thick and fast, all good fun especially if you need one in a hurry.

There's The Starchild, involving an explosion in a subway that leads the party into all manner of dark conspiracies and plots. This is a comprehensive adventure that could provide a dramatic start to a campaign with the potential to lead into some other published adventures (or of course those of your own design). Or perhaps the lure of a potentially-sentient plant species takes your fancy in Fair Game... or other strange wildlife in Adapt and Overcome, set on a backwater world. And then there's The Fall of Rigella Namsey, a merry romp in a rather more civilised setting, action with a leavening of humour, or a spot of bounty hunting with The Levall Affair. There's also an extension to Adventure 2: Prison Planet which neatly arranges to get even the most law-abiding party sent down for a long stretch, then provides further embellishment to what might go on durijg their incarceration. They might prefer The Derelict, a way to deal with a misjump that's a bit more exciting than suggesting they roll up new characters.

Should you be looking for background material to weave around your own plots, there's a richly-detailed moon and a new Aslan clan replete with ideas - and if you like the Aslan this is enhanced by another article on creating kinships, complete with examples. There are also patrons galore, and a host of ideas for introducing religion into your game. If that's a bit much, there's another article about involving organised crime instead.

If it is novel ships, equipment and careers that you are after, there's everything from bizarre alien vessels and system defence boats; new careers for sword-swinging Duellists and Beserkers, and the rather creepy Conditioned Soldier and the Information Warfare Specialist (hacker to most of us). There's plenty of items in the ship's locker for you to play with as well, a monumental selection of clothing and accessories as well as the more expected weapons and tech-toys.

Game mechanics are not neglected either, with the use of Task Chains in creating dramatic tension explained, and an article on the potentials of the practice of medicine in Traveller, detailing how to take it far beyond just patching up the rest of the party after a brawl. Enough here to make anyone give the Medic career a second look. An alternative view comes from an article on psionic healing. And there is a Referee's Emergency Toolkit for use when your players take the plot between their teeth and rush off in an unexpected direction.

Overall, there's a lot to browse through and to pick over, decide what you'd like in your campaign and have fun.

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Reviewed: 15 June 2015