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Judge Dredd (Traveller): Apocalypse Dawn

Apocalypse Dawn

Campaign based on a long-forgotten war that suddenly threatens to become horribly real once more!

Publisher's blurb: "Apocalypse Dawn is a mini-campaign for four to six judges. Throughout the course of the campaign, the judges will pit their wits against sleeper agents from desolate East-Meg One who have been accidentally reactivated. The sleepers begin to pursue their prime directive to bring Mega-City One to its knees and destroy those who dare to challenge their master War Marshal Kazan, one of the architects of the Apocalypse War. Includes a complete tour of Sector House 190!

"In December 2103, Mega-City One fell prey to a chemical weapon known as the Block Mania contaminant. Block Mania swept the city through the water supply, inducing strong violent impulses and madness among the population of 800 million citizens even the Justice Department was affected, the noble defenders of the Law taking sides with cityblocks, waging mindless war against their neighbours. Mega-City One was ripe for invasion from fellow superpower and archenemy East-Meg One, capital of the former Soviet Union. East-Meg forces swept into Mega-City One, first by blasting the city into rubble with a nuclear strike and then following it up with a mighty army of human and robot warriors. The Mega-City judges, led by Judge Dredd, cured Block Mania and mounted a resistance movement against the invasion armies.

"While the Apocalypse War raged in America, a different battle was being concluded across the world in East-Meg One. Kazan, the war marshal who controlled the East-Meg invasion army, assassinated Bulgarin, the supreme judge of the East-Meg One. The animosity between the two leaders was well-known and an assassination attempt was expected. Bulgarin had countermeasures ready; he installed a trusted agent in Mega-City One to lead the attack against Kazan.

"Unfortunately for Supreme-Judge Bulgarin, Kazan staged his coup in East-Meg One. Kazan's loyal followers infiltrated the Kremlin Guard and gained the trust of the ruling Diktatorat. The Kazan loyalists murdered both Bulgarin and the Diktatorat - East Meg-One was now Kazan's to command. However, Kazan did not have just the one tactic to deal with Bulgarin. He was prepared to execute Bulgarin on Mega-City One soil when his superior visited the city after the invasion. Kazan brought with him an army of Kazan clones that would remain in stasis, hidden throughout the city, until summoned to destroy Bulgarin and his visiting command. Unfortunately for the Sovs, the tide of war did not go as planned; the Mega-City judges defeated East-Meg One using their own nuclear arsenal against them. Judge Dredd executed War-Marshal Kazan and formally declared the Apocalypse War at an end.

"Twenty years later, the Apocalypse War is nearly forgotten, celebrated only by fringe movements such as militants and Sov-block expatriates but beneath the city's streets, a small army of Kazan clones remains in stasis, leeching power from the main grid, awaiting a call to wake and bear arms in the name of their clone father..."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: John Caliber
Publishers' Reference: MGP10006
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 99 pages
Date: May 2013

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Product page last updated: 7 June 2015