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D20 Modern: 22 Talent Trees

22 Talent Trees

Put simply, this is a collection of feats for D20 Modern organised into hierarchical groups. While they are presented according to the character type they are most suitable for - Strong, Fast, etc. - they can be taken by anyone who fancies those particular abilities.

It's a wide-ranging collection, which should help you tailor your character according to your vision. For example, a Smart hero might be a Fast Learner, or a Quick Thinker or be good at Tactics. A Dedicated hero can specialise in Animal Friendship, be an Oracle or Selfless (being able to give others moral, financial or even life support), or be Virtuous. And so on...

Well worth a look if you want to be able to customise your character according to a concept that isn't adequately catered for in the core rules. The idea of the hierarchical sequence is good, as you can see your character develop along your chosen path, gaining greater abilities in whatever it is that they specialise in.

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