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Mongoose Traveller: Special Supplement 1: Biotech Vehicles

Special Supplement 1: Biotech Vehicles

Create wierd science-fiction vehicles with ease, limited only by your own imagination!

Publisher's blurb: "Science fiction is full of biotech vehicles, from the whale subs of East of Eden to the living ships of Vorlons and Shadows in TV's Babylon 5. 2300AD for Mongoose Traveller also features the heavy use of biotechnology by the alien Pentapod race, including vehicles and starships.

"Since the Traveller vehicle design rules found in Supplement 5-6: Vehicle Handbook are effects-based, they can be used to design biotech vehicles in addition to standard 'hard' vehicles. This book, Special Supplement 1: Biotech Vehicles, allows you to do just that. "

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Colin Dunn
Publishers' Reference: TRAVSS1
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 9 pages
Date: May 2012

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Product page last updated: 3 August 2015