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Dungeons & Dragons: God Spells

God Spells

This book is primarily a compilation of spells for divine spellcasters (clerics, druids, paladins and rangers). Some have been published in other Bloodstone Press products, and some are brand new, all have been revised in the light of the 3.5 ruleset. There's one slight oddity, spells have not been assigned to Domains - as the Domains available may vary from setting to setting, the author has thought it better to leave it to the DM to allocate them as appropriate, or leave them domainless if preferred.

The spells are presented conventionally, with a summary listing of spell by caster type and level followed by an alphabetic list of all the spells. Naturally, some appear in more than one caster type's list; and although clerics and druids are well provided for, the paladin has just a handful of spells and the poor ranger gets all of 2!

The spells themselves are quite interesting. They include a series of 'Armour' spells that involve all manner of substances that you wouldn't normally expect as armour - fire, acid, thunder, and the like. They confer immunity to the substance in question, as well as providing both a bonus to AC and a 'miss chance' - expressed as a percentage - because they obscure the shape and thus precise position of the wearer.

A useful spell for all those who practise the healing arts is convalescence. Cast on a sleeping patient, it accelerates the recovery of hit points. Several others - such as god speed, heroism and fearless are particularly suitable for those who fight in the service of their deity (and hence appear on the paladin list).

It's a useful collection and well worth a look if you play a divine spellcaster, or - as I do - you like to create deity-specific spell lists for clerics, etc., to choose from.

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