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Mongoose Traveller: 2300AD


Based on the original 2300AD game from Game Designers Workshop, this version from Mongoose Publishing runs under their Traveller ruleset.

Nearly 300 years from now, the calendar is turning over to a new year, and a new age. In 2300AD, humanity is attempting to claim the stars as his own. Despite nearly destroying himself in the Twilight War, despite all the wars since, humanity has held on, and kept the dream alive. 2300AD is the story of that dream, as humanity, reaches out to the stars.

In 2300AD, humanity has settled 32 inhabitable worlds, and has outposts on many more. Human space is divided into three Arms: French, American, and Chinese, each named for the dominant nation exploring it. The shape of these Arms is dictated by the limitations inherent in stutterwarp travel: the 7.7 light year range, and so travel between the worlds at the center and the worlds of the edge can take weeks, or even months.

At the center of Human space are the Core Worlds of Earth and Tirane. Tirane is the habitable planet of Alpha Centauri, and is a near twin to Earth in climate, gravity and atmosphere. These two worlds together have nearly 90% of the Human population, with 90% of that total residing on Earth. For most people living out in the Frontier, the worlds of the Core are as distant and strange as any alien homeworld.

2300AD games range from interstellar exploration and interstellar war, down to the gritty streets and the mega-cities of the human Core. This is a game about people, and their rise to the stars. Aliens are a part of the 2300AD milieu, but the focus of the game is on Humans.

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Setting Page last updated: 10 May 2015