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Savage Worlds: Shades of Terror

Shades of Terror

A horror story in true Cthulhu-esque style, the imagery is such that discretion is advised with younger or more sensitive players.

The tale is set in 1920s Massachusetts, in a old building used for generations as a hospital and then as an orphanage. The place always had a bad reputation, with patients and staff occasionally vanishing or dying under mysterious circumstances. This continued through the American Civil War, when Union forces used it as a hospital for their wounded, and during its final incarnation as a mental hospital. It's been standing empty and disused since 1911... until the Massachusetts Historical Society purchased the property and sent in three people to renovate and refurbish the place.

Then they found them dead. Messily.

The characters (4 pregenerated ones are provided) are hired to investigate. The adventure revolves around their exploration of the house, the truly unpleasant sights they see... and their discovery of the root cause of the problem. Many of the ghosts themselves wish an end, and will do their best - often by grisly re-enactments - to get the message of what is going on across to the investigating characters.

The whole thing is written with an eye to atmosphere (often a quite unpleasant atmosphere), and should provide a good horror adventure for either Savage Worlds or whatever horror system you prefer to run.

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