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Pathfinder RPG: Doom Golem Rising

Doom Golem Rising

Intended as the climax to the entire saga of The Sinking - a series of stand-alone yet linked adventures set in the Great City - this could also be run as a one-off adventure although it might be a bit confusing and would certainly involve a fair bit of explanation and even some handwaving to convince the characters that they are where you'll need them to be to begin the adventure. It would be much better if they are familiar with the Great City and have experienced at least some of the earlier adventures, that way they should have a handle on what is going on!

The adventure starts in media res with the characters stepping through a dimensional gate. From there, they have an underground complex to explore and some evil creatures to deal with, interestingly there is scope for interaction as well as combat... they can even be convinced to be helpful! The complex is described vividly and as they explore they should gain some understanding of what makes its denizens tick, and just how much danger previous visitors pose to surface dwellers particularly those living in the Great City.

As the adventure proceeds, the characters will be able to gather information and equipment necessary to defeat those who created the sinkhole in the first place before coming up through it to find them on the surface busy announcing that they are the heroes of the day... leading to a climactic fight between two 'doom golems' in the finest mecha style! The Great City won't forget this day in a hurry.

Throughout the adventure, there are references to earlier adventures in the series, which are explained well enough for those who have not played them although they'll work better if the characters have their earlier experiences to draw upon. There's plenty of scope for political double-dealing, or at least the exposure thereof, so players who prefer intrigue to brawling will also have plenty to do, whilst those who revel in combat will have a blast!

You ought to get several sessions of high-octane adventure out of this one, especially enjoyable if you have played at least some of the preceding adventures and can follow the strands that have led to this point. It's a cracker!

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Reviewed: 1 April 2015