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Savage Worlds: The Red Swamp

The Red Swamp

This is the tale of a young man who wanted to be a hero... and an opportunity for your characters to prove themselves heroes too. Now, set in Tarth, the world that became the setting of Evernight (only before it went dark), local fashion dictates that being a 'hero' is as desirable as being a movie or sports star might be to a real world youth.

Anyway, when his village in the Red Swamp was beset by human-eating monsters, the young man - Jared by name - stole a magic sword belonging to a local retired Hero, and went a-monster hunting. Quite successfully to start with... but now the retired Hero has discovered the loss and asks the characters - presumed to also be youngsters looking to make a name for themselves (suitable pregenerated characters are provided) - to get his sword back.

Along their way, they need to deal with an alligator, a love-lorn young lady (who doesn't have much time for conventional hero-worship) and of course some of the human-eating monsters that caused all the bother in the first place. Eventually, after a hard slog through the swamp, the sowrd will be located... pity about the swamp dragon who's already chewed Jared and his companions, and appears to view the characters as dessert!

Assuming the characters deal with all this and get the sword back to its rightful owner, he's pleased - and impressed - and rewards them with further work (which is left to the GM to devise). It's a lively little jaunt suitable for starting characters, with enough for more experienced ones to get their teeth into.

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