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Shadowrun 5e: Bullets and Bandages

Bullets and Bandages

When things go wrong, how do you stay alive?

Publisher's blurb: "The only reason shadowrunners have scars to show off during their downtime is that when they got hit, someone had the guts, the skill, and the speed to pull them out of whatever drekstorm they'd gotten themselves into. Maybe it was a DocWagon High Threat Response team who rode in to save the day, or maybe a teammate who'd picked up some handy medical skills in the course of their career in the shadows patched them up enough to keep them moving. Either way, having someone who can pull your hoop out of the fire is handy in any situation. Make sure you thank them and buy 'em a drink - assuming, of course, they made it out with you.

"Bullets & Bandages is part of the Shadowrun Options line, presenting new rules and background for players and gamemasters who want to add more detail to how medicine works when it's practiced under fire. With new gear, qualities, actions, spells, adept powers, and more, it will add depth and excitement to your Shadowrun game - and maybe help you keep your chummers alive."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Joseph Monfre
Publishers' Reference: CAT26S027
ISBN: n/a
PDF, pages
Date: June 2014

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Product page last updated: 28 February 2015