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Spycraft 2.0: `Twas the Night Before Deathmas

`Twas the Night Before Deathmas

This is a short Christmas-themed scenario that takes as its basic premise the existance of Santa Claus... and gives the characters the task of saving him, on Christmas Eve of course, so that all the presents will get delivered on time. Perhaps it ought to be run on Christmas Eve, if you can round up a few players...

There's a multi-headed aerial chase, over the Pacific Ocean and then inshore towards San Francisco, a badly-damaged sleigh and all manner of challenges to keep the characters busy. It is set in the World on Fire campaign setting and makes several references that will not make much sense unless you are familiar with it.

Assuming the characters are successful, Santa leaves them with a parting task... if you want to incorporate this you will have to provide the relevant details of the place they will have to infiltrate yourself, although all the necessary details for the actual chase that is the gist of this scenario are provided.

It is all a bit silly, but there are times when it is good to be silly and if you want something Christmas-themed, this ought to fit nicely.

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Reviewed: 10 February 2015