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Spycraft 2.0: Bag Full of Guns: Dragon`s Fury

Bag Full of Guns: Dragon's Fury

This is a rundown of contemporary Chinese small arms, which have been developed in isolation due to embargoes imposed on China in response to human rights violations. Just how useful it's going to be depends on whether the action in your game will visit mainland China, or someone from there might turn up elsewhere.

Starting with a plethora of different service pistols, there are also details of submachine guns, various kinds of rifles (bolt action, semi-automatic and assault), squad automatic weapons, machine guns, grenade launchers and mortars. Each comes with a quite detailed description as well as an entry in the master table at the back that gives all the game statistics. If public order is your reason for arming up, there is a collection of non-lethal loads for the riot gun (which is, for some reason, hiding amongst the machine guns).

The usual grumble of no illustrations aside, this is an interesting look at an arsenal that has developed in isolation from Western gun research. As they are real weapons, you can quite easily find pictures online, though.

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Reviewed: 30 January 2015