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Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Complete Product List - Savage Worlds

Complete Product List - Other Game Lines

Formed in 1994 by Shane Hensley, a talented game designer, the first and flagship product is Deadlands, inspired by a painting of a zombie in a cowboy hat and featuring all manner of weirdness superimposed on the classic Old West setting. This weirdness has spread to near-future Earth and outer space; and even World War 2 has not escaped!

This was followed by the wildly-successful 'universal game engine' Savage Worlds, a fast and furious game engine used to power a wide range of settings from both PEG and third party publishers.

  • Deadlands
  • Deadlands: Hell on Earth
  • Deadlands: Lost Colony
  • Savage World
  • Weird War Two

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Company Section last updated: 23 December 2014