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Dungeons & Dragons: Corridors and Hallways Vol.2

Corridors and Hallways Vol.2

In the by-now familiar presentation of beautifully-drawn maps - colour, greyscale and line drawing -this selection is based around the 'linking bits' to enable you to build interestingly-shaped complexes for your players to explore... the sort of places where they will be continually guessing what will be waiting for them around the next corner!

The collection consists of a group of mine tunnels: T, L, X and I sections; additions to the Hallway of the Pillars in Corridors and Hallways Vol.1 in the shape of stairs up and down, and a corridor-end with double doors; and the same - stairs up and down and a corridor-end - for the Dungeon and Hall of the Statues as well.

All will link up with all the existing floorplans from 0one Games, and have a grid suitable for miniature use cunningly incorporated into the design. The colour versions are true works of art, beautifully-drawn and with atmospheric lighting effects, scattered items, etc. The greyscale versions - useful if you don't happen to have access to a colour printer - are the same; while the line-art versions are particularly suitable for the DM who wants to add his own items, labels, etc., to his maps.

Again, even if you don't use miniatures in your games, they are still useful as a visual aid to present to your players to show them precisely what's where... or even as a simulus for your own imagination while you are planning adventures.

This is a series well-worth collecting if you have any interest in the architecture of the places your characters are going to visit: recommended!

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