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Mongoose Traveller: Subsector Sourcebook 3: Hub

Subsector Sourcebook 3: Hub

This book presents a complete sub-sector, drawn from Gypsy Knights Games's Clement Sector alternative Traveller universe setting. The Hub sub-sector is a bit different from the others they've presented because it is home to the Hub Federation, a mult-world political body. Most of the rest of their worlds function independently in isolation from each other. At that, the Hub Federation involves six solar systems - not the giant galaxy-spanning Imperium of the official Traveller universe by any means!

First up is a subsector map, list of UWPs and an overview of the sub-sector as a whole. This explains the place of the Hub Federation in local politics, with the remaining thirteen systems remaining independent from it for various reasons - explained under their individual entries. If you want to read about the six Hub Federation worlds, though, you need to get the separate sourcebook The Hub Federation... this book deals with the rest of the sub-sector worlds.

So, on to the individual entries for each system. These begin with details of the system as a whole and then focus in on the inhabited world, starting with physical data then looking at the environment, culture, government, legal system and other details of interest to a visitor (or indeed a resident). There's a map and notes on major cities and other features. As you read through you will find 'grey boxes' of text which provide insights as to what might be really happening or ideas for adventures embedded into the world in question.

The worlds are quite diverse, ranging from a desert world with a democratic government through an ice world to one completely in the thrall of a quite repressive religion. There's quite a bit of background as to how each world came to be colonised and developed in the way that it did, and this works much more easily if you are using the Clement Sector alternate setting, although they could be modified for use in your own universe if preferred. Notes are provided to aid you if this is what you want to do, a nice feature.

Each world is quite distinctive, yet many seem to go out of their way to make it quite hard to visit them, meeting travellers with obstacles such as visa requirements and - of course - ensuring that they many not carry weapons during their visit. However, they are interesting and well described and have the potential to make for some memorable adventures...

Having absolutely no mention of the Hub Federation and its worlds does rather leave a hole, and if you want to use this as a sub-sector (rather than as individual worlds), purchase of The Hub Sector sourcebook is recommended.

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Reviewed: 14 November 2014